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Kusadasi is Located on the Aegean Coast 90km south of izmir 

Address : Ataturk Blv. No.76  09400 kusadasi TURKEY

GPS-Code 37 52' 05" N / 27 15' 51" E


By private car: London - Istanbul, approximately 3,000 km.
Northern Route:
Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey.
From Istanbul, Kusadasi is about 640 km south.
From Bulgarian border, Kusadasi is about 590 km south.
Southern Route:
Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, with a ferry to Turkey
BY COACH : There are regular services between Turkey and Austria, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, and Greece

Kusadasi is connected by road to the E-24/550 Izmir-Denizli highway by way of the towns of Selcuk and Camlik, a railroad switchyard station. Frequent bus services operate between major Turkish cities to Kusadasi. Major bus companies (Varan,Ulusoy,Elbirlik...) have offices in Kusadasi. It is possible to rent cars in most Turkish Cities, such as izmir and resorts as Kusadasi

By Sea:

Passenger Ferries:
Apart from the numerous cruises in the Mediterranean, several foreign shipping companies have regular services to the port Kusadasi, Izmir, Cesme...
Car Ferries:
There are several car ferries for tourists who wish to take their cars while site seeing. Kusadasi, Izmir...
Reductions, Information and Reservations: For further information contact: The Turkish Maritime Lines. 
Daily tours From Kusadasi  to Greek island, Samos (from April 1st till October 31st two hours journey)

By Air:
Turkish Airlines (THY): THY has regular flights in Boeing 727's, 737-400's, DC9- 30's, and Airbus 310-200's and 310-300's, for Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Trabzon and Dalaman, from the principal capitals and major cities of the world.
The nearest airport to Kusadasi, "Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport" (75km)
International airlines: most international airlines have regular flights from all major cities of the world to Turkey's international airports.
Reductions, Information and Reservations:
For discounts and further information you can contact the THY offices.

By Rail:
Train journeys can be made to Istanbul directly from and via some of the major cities in Europe. If you are coming to Kusadasi by inter-rail, your direct route will be Istanbul - Izmir, then Izmir - Selcuk. Selcuk is 20 km away from Kusadasi. You can easily reach to Kusadasi with minibuses in every 20 minutes from Selcuk bus station.
Reductions, Information and Reservations:
For further information you may contact the Turkish Railways (TCDD)


Yat Camping is on the beachfront and near to the town
500 meter from the hospital
800 meter from centre of town (postoffice,banks,shopping)

Our Camping :
0.3km from public beach
30 km from National Park
75 km from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport

210 km from Pamukkale

Some Historicle Places from Yat Camping:

Phygale 3
Ephesus 18
Saint John 18
Seven Sleeper 18
Artemision 19
Magnesia 22
House of  The Virgin Mary 27
Claros 32
Priene 35
Karina 45
Miletos 75
Didyma 75
Teos 75
Heraclea 79
Iasos 100
Aphrodisias 170
Pergamun 190

 Within Kusadasi, the best way to travel is to take the "dolmus" (minibuses). From town center, you reach in minutes any direction you wish: hotels, beaches, neighboring villages... They are allowed to take up to 15 passengers and their prices are set by each municipality.

A more private way to tour in the village are taxis that are all yellow-painted cars, equipped with taximeters and recognizable to their sign "Taksi". Prices are also fixed by each municipality. Mind the day and night tariffs.



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